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We have put together this guide to aid you in planning the right cake for your wedding as well as enjoying it on the day.  The wedding cake is an important part of the wedding and a focal point during the wedding meal and reception. It is a symbol of fertility and was historically broken over the brides head to ensure good luck and fertility and this practice was symbolic in marking the end of the bride's virginity.

In the past, wedding cakes were made from rich fruit cake with marzipan and icing as they stored well in the days before freezers.  Modern couples can choose anything from chocolate to chocolate mud Madiera, banana or carrot cake.

Planning & Design

BJ's Cake Decor will give you a free consultation to discuss your needs and ideas and will design your cake to suit your colour scheme and theme.

Wedding cakes are conventionally white, which dates back to Victorian times when white signified purity.  Today wedding cakes can be made in any imaginable colour and many couples choose to have a cake which incorporates a range of colours to suit their theme and style for the day.  

Round wedding cakes are the most popular and the circular design is a symbol of eternity as it has no beginning and no end.  Other designs include square, rectangular, heart-shaped or lots of individual cupcakes or iced cakes.

Many couples choose to have the top tier made from fruit as it keeps well over time and can be used for the 1st anniversary or christening.  As most modern couples tend to wait a few years before starting a family, many couples often share the top tier for their first anniversary.

Flowers tend to be the most popular way to decorate wedding cakes and couples can choose from fresh, artificial or sugar flowers.  Sugarcraft and artificial flowers can be made to look very real and can provide a nice keepsake from the wedding day.  If using fresh flowers, BJ's Cake Decor suggeast you liaise with your florist to ensure that the flowers used for your cake are the same as those used on the day in your bouquet. Other decoration ideas include ornaments, sweets, chocolates and sugarcraft objects as well as the traditional or non traditional bride and groom on the top of the cake.

Portion Guide

The size of the cake you choose will depend on a number of factors.  If your cake is being served after a full lunch or dinner then smaller pieces will be needed.  Some guests will want to take an extra slice of cake on the day and do make sure you save some slices to post to people unable to attend the wedding.  

Enjoying it on the day

The cutting of the wedding cake is symbolically the first task that the bride and groom undertake together and represents the bride and groom starting their new life as a couple.  Traditionally the groom used his sword to help the bride cut through the royal icing, but today an attractive silver knife is the preference and this part of the reception should be watched by the guests.  The groom should place his right hand over the bride's right hand and they cut the first slice together.  The cake should then be taken away to be cut.  Wedding caterers should know how to cut a wedding cake, but if you are not using caterers and plan to cut the cake yourselves please contact B.J.'s Cake Decor for advice.  The custom is that every guest should have a small piece of cake to bring good luck to the couple.   

Most wedding venues and caterers provide a display stand and knife for the cake.  If not then B.J.'s Cake Decor will be able to arrange the hire of these but a deposit will be payable and you will need to ensure that these are returned on the Monday or Tuesday following the wedding.    B.J.'s Cake Decor can deliver and set up your cakes for you on the day.

The Grooms Cake

This custom dates back to the middle ages and the cake is generally a chocolate cake decorated in a more masculine style which is displayed next to the larger wedding cake.  Today chocolate cakes decorated with chocolate is a popular choice and this cake is usually bought by the bride as a gift or surprise for her groom.  Folklore says that lady guests who sleep with a slice of this cake under their pillow will dream of their future husband!

Storing your top tier

If you are having a fruit tier to save for your anniversary or christening then correct storage is important.  Put your cake into an airtight container - this stops any air or bacteria getting to it and also stops the cake absorbing smells from the freezer.  B.J.'s Cake Decor recommend freezing your cake.  Simply take it out a day or two before you want to use it.  Otherwise the cake may be stored preferably in a dark cupboard away from direct sunlight.  The cake may then need to be re-iced and decorated before use.  

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